Recorded Webinar:

What is an IT Security Audit and Why Run One?

Last year, Cisco reported that half of all cyberattacks incur damages of US $500,000 or more.

And with the proliferation of mobile and cloud computing, organizations of all sizes are increasingly subjected to automated online attacks that seek to exploit vulnerabilities and loopholes.

How can you ensure your business network is secure and up-to-date? An IT Security Audit is the first step to identify - and address - any vulnerabilities and risks.

In this webinar, we discuss in detail exactly what an IT Security Audit entails, and why businesses should make the time to have one done - with real-world examples and observations.

 10 Practical Cybersecurity Best Practices


Tips Include:

  • Allocating Responsibility
  • Protecting Devices & Networks
  • Controlling Access
  • Protecting against viruses and malware
  • Extending security beyond the Office
  • How to plan for the worst
  • Educating your team
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