By utilizing the very same strategies employed by Fortune 500 companies we have created a program that allows firms of all sizes to leverage proven processes and investments in enterprise class technology to build a highly secure, stable and responsive infrastructure.

Learn more about the services included in the following Managed IT Packages:


IT Support   Productivity   Risk / Compliance   Performance

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Comprehensive Managed IT Support & Services for Your Business

To keep your business moving full speed ahead your technology support team must be responsive to support requests no matter the form in which it comes.Your dedicated team of experts will provide immediate support to users no matter the initial means of communication. 


Responsive Support Standard Complete
24/7 Pro-Active Monitoring - Catastrophic events rarely come without warning. With 24x7 monitoring, these signals will not go unnoticed. Discovernet will be notified immediately, prompting real-time remediation - saving you hours of frustration and lost productivity.
Remote Support - Get the "Hands-On" assistance you need with our rapid remote support. Our technicians can address your questions and provide assistance on the spot.
Phone Support - Need to talk to a live person? Help is only a phone call away. Just call our friendly Discovernet support line.
Email Support - Simply send your dedicated support team an email when you need help or advice and your issues or questions will be resolved quickly.
After Hours Support -Because your computers don't stop working when you do, we are always here for you -even when you have questions, concerns or service needs after standard business hours:  (Hours to be determined)  
Vendor Support -From your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to your software vendors, leverage our existing relationships and partnerships to speed resolution of almost any issue that may arise.  
On-Site Support - Should remote assistance is not adequate, Discovernet will arrange for one of our highly trained professionals to fix the issue onsite.  


Improving profitability and customer satisfaction are paramount to business success. One surefire way to see rapid improvement in both areas is to promote peak employee productivity. Now your employees can be more productive and more responsive to client needs.


Improved Business Productivity Standard Complete
PC Optimization - Boost employee efficiency and keep your computers running faster with fewer disruptions of service by receiving real-time maintenance, tune-ups, updates, and system clean-ups.
Software License Management - No more searching for software licenses and installation keys. We’ll provide a simple report containing this information for every system.
System Health Check Reports - Take the guess work out of the health of your systems. We keep you informed about the state of your computers and recommend changes to maximize the service life.
Spyware and Adware Removal - Even when visiting reputable websites, the inadvertent downloading of resource draining malware is possible. We’ll keep your systems clean
PC Audit and Inventory - Our continuous audit provides real-time detail of all hardware and software for each component and alerts us of any change so we can take appropriate action.  ✓
Network / Infrastructure Optimization - When systems slow - productivity soon follows. We'll watch key network components and monitor traffic for optimal efficiency.  

Risk / Compliance

Whether you have large amounts of customer transactions, business critical applications or valuable client records, these business assets are represented in the form of data. The risk of losing this critical data, or losing access to this critical data continues to escalate. Protect your business from loss of critical data and unnecessary downtime.


Reduce Security Threats Standard Complete
Critical Patch Management - Maintaining compliance requires more than basic Microsoft patch management - it requires real-time updates of business software such as Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, Chrome and many other familiar applications. Discovernet will continually scan your systems for vulnerabilities and implement pre-screened patches as required.
Firewall Management - How safe is your network? Discovernet Security Specialists properly configure and manage your firewall to lock intruders out and safeguard your data.
Security Software Management - Improperly managed security software can be as dangerous as no security software at all. We manage most of the industry leading security programs to ensure maximum protection.
Application Blocking and Website Controls - Instantly improve computer performance and employee productivity by preventing the installation, running and updating of personal programs and websites, such as iTunes, Facebook and many others.  
User Administration -You decide what applications, websites, disk drives, ports or files are acceptable for employees to access and we'll set policies to monitor activity.  
Quarterly Vulnerability Scans - Uncover many potential compliance violations prior to your next audit. Our scans provide an additional layer of checks and balances required so you can rest assured your information systems security practices exceed industry standards.  


These days, every second counts, so putting up with anything less than maximum performance is a risky gamble. To improve performance your business components demand continuous monitoring, tuning and optimization to ward off costly bottlenecks and disruptions of service.


Higher Performing Systems Standard Complete
Server Optimization - Increase company-wide efficiency and keep your servers running faster with fewer disruptions by receiving real-time maintenance, tune-ups and updates.
System Status Reports - Take the guess work out of the health of your servers. Discovernet will keep you informed about the state of your servers and recommend changes to maximize performance.
Server Audit and Inventory - Our continuous audit provides real-time detail of all hardware and software for each server and alerts us of any change so we can take appropriate action.
Domain Administration - When configured and managed correctly, domains and workgroups can increase productivity. Our subject matter experts keep these components running smoothly for you.
Microsoft Exchange - Proper configuration and management allows employees to benefit from access to email, contacts, shared calendars, address books, and more. Discovernet effectively administers these programs to empower your organization.
Application Support / Monitoring - Your employees expect business software applications to run as expected every single day. From Microsoft to custom applications our experts will keep a close watch on these programs to make sure they maintain peak performance.  
Network Device Management - We'll keep your data flowing freely and continuously and won’t let a mismanaged network device bring your business to its knees  
Disk Drive Utilization Thresholds - Don’t let an overloaded disk drive cause a major disruption of service. Safe data capacity thresholds will be set to keep us informed of diminishing storage capacity.  


Today's business environment knows no boundaries. Employees work from home, client sites, satellite offices and out in the field. We know how these demands can tax a business infrastructure and personnel. Count on us to keep your employees connected and secure no matter where they choose to conduct business.


Improved Access and Mobility Standard Complete
Router Administration - Keep your data flowing freely and continuously. Your expertly tuned and managed router will eliminate preventable network slow-downs.
Bandwidth Usage Control - Which machines are creating a bottleneck on your network? We'll identify the users with the highest bandwidth consumption, pinpoint the cause, and take corrective action to optimize performance.
Hardware Audit and Inventory - Our continuous audit provides real-time detail of all network devices and alerts us of any change so we can take appropriate action.
Backup Software Management - Our team provides continual management and monitoring of many industry leading backup solutions so you know that your data is there when you need it. ✓ 
Mobile Device Support - Help your employees remain productive when away from the office. Our team can setup and help maintain access to email and calendars.  
Website Monitoring - Your customer facing website can be just as critical as your business applications. Discovernet keeps a close eye on this and will alert the appropriate parties of any outages or disruptions.  
Partner Website Monitoring - Does your business depend on the up-time of servers outside of your control? Our systems will immediately alert us should one of these servers go off-line so we can take appropriate action  

Technology Consulting

Trusted advice is a vital component in any business relationship. The right guidance can mean the difference between success or failure. You can count on our team of industry professionals and subject matter experts to routinely deliver guidance and recommendations that will help move your business forward.


Trusted Advice Standard Complete
Technology Consulting - Whether you're implementing a new ERP solution, need to integrate your systems, or require a new technology strategy and architecture, we can help
Budgetary Planning - Developing a budget for a long range technology plan is not an easy task. Our experts will be your planning committee.
Annual Technology Review / Audit – IT audit are to evaluate the system's internal control design and effectiveness to ensure you are getting maximum value for your IT systems.
Quarterly Reports – The quarterly report keeps your IT systems aligned with your business goals. This allows IT to change with your business, not hold it back. ✓ 
Asset Lifecycle Planning - A life-cycle plan is created for each asset. This plan includes all the activities associated with acquisition, maintenance, periodic refurbishments, disposal, and replacement of the asset. The plan is ultimately expressed in financial terms, since (after all) the intent is to manage the asset to minimize life-cycle costs.  
Vendor Management Assistance - Getting stuck on hold with vendors is a thing of the past. Our team will work with your vendors to resolve technical issues, order products or negotiate the best rates for you, allowing you and your employees to remain productive  
Audit Assistance - Audits can be tricky. Our expertise in navigating the audit process and our ability to precisely answer even the toughest of questions can mean the difference between maintaining compliance or facing violations. Gain peace of mind by having our experts at your side thru this complex process.  

Optional Services

We know that no two businesses are alike so the services and support required to maintain compliance, efficiency and budgetary guidelines must remain flexible. To that end, we provide and support industry leading technology solutions, highly secure data centers and a wide range of products designed to improve your operations.

Everything You Need - One Trusted Source

  • Systems - State of the art systems that won't break the bank. Let us eliminate your budgetary constraints by providing a complete infrastructure all for a low monthly fee. Even better, we'll maintain it and keep it current without any hidden charges.
  • Cloud - Let us reduce costs and increase control by delivering desktops as a service. Employees gain the flexible access they demand while increasing IT control over desktops, applications and data. Simplify and centralize desktop management for reduced costs. Easily meet regulatory guidelines and ensure all desktops and applications are up to date and in compliance.
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions - Lost data often equals lost income. Discovernet will manage, monitor, and test daily backups, making sure they are scheduled, executed, and data is always available.
  • Hosted Solutions - From Microsoft Office 365 to Google Apps you can now get all the familiar applications your used to running without the usual start-up costs. Get secure, anywhere access to email and calendars, Office, web conferencing, and file sharing.
  • Mail / Spam Filtering / Archiving - Let us put an end to annoying interruptions and help stop potentially dangerous email messages with our professional grade spam filtering services. We'll keep your inbox clean.
  • Document Management - Connect and empower people by letting them work together in ways that are most effective for them while cutting costs with a unified infrastructure that offers enterprise-scale manageability, availability and security.
  • Communications - From phones to complete unified communication solutions, we have you covered. We'll provision services, architect the solution and maintain connectivity all for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Security Technologies / Consulting - Don't leave your information systems security up to just anyone. With security threats on the rise it is more important than ever to maintain sound security practices, test for vulnerability and implement tried and true measures to ward off threats and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Equipment Co-Location - Host client equipment (servers) to provide redundant internet connection, redundant power, and backup of data to ensure streamlined productivity and business continuity.